Ho Chow (literally meaning A bridge (Chow) over a river (Ho). This is a bridge in the Yi-Hsin county, some fifty miles west of Shanghai. Yi-Hsin (beautiful-happy) county, like most others along the lower Yangtze River, is crisscrossed by a labyrinth of tributaries and canals and abounds in fresh water aquatic produce. The county is famous for its pottery, its beautiful girls and its delectable cuisine.

The bridge -- a gourmet place in the county -- was always crowded on both sidewalks with food stalls operated by local and area chefs peddling delicate and palatable delicatessen and was patronized by local residents and tourists of all ages.

The restaurant founder, Carol, has inherited the tradition of fine food from her mother, who was born in the Yi-Hsin and trained in the culinary arts. The bridge was her favorite spot and its varied food offerings served as a foundation upon which she diligently built.

As the inheritors of this long tradition of cooking excellence, Ho Chow Staff offer Chinese food that is authentic and delicious. Heritage is very much a part of the Chinese culture and Ho Chow Restaurant is the embodiment of enduring heritage. Come share it with us. 

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